How To Buy a Plus Size Dress That Fits 95% Of The Time (Surprising Suggestions!)

Buy Plus Size Clothing That Fits 95% of the Time !

I think you'll agree with me when I say 

It's really HARD to buy a plus size dress online that fits me right

Or is it ?

Measurements for Plus Size Women ClothingWell it turns out you can dramatically increase your chances of buying a plus size dress that fits you perfectly by taking one simple step before you buy. 

While there are resources that help you choose size such as wikipedia bra size it falls short of assisting you in buying a full dress that fits today's larger woman.

Here is the trick you need to know before shopping plus size dress.

The number step you need to take is 

Measure Your Body as follows;

That's right, grab a soft tape measure and check 3 crucial measurements in the following way. 

Plus Size Clothing Chart for Women's Dresses

Important: you must follow the details on each step as written for best results.

Technique # 1 Take A Deep Breath to Measure Your Bust

Always take a deep breath in and to measure your bust (chest). This will assure that you don't get tight pull around the seams and allows for movement. This is especially true when buying plus size shirts.

Technique # 2 Measure Your Waist After a Good Meal

Measure your waist standing straight up after you've finished eating a good meal ! Yes, this assures the added measurement you'll need when you're wearing the clothing to feel comfortable almost always.

Technique # 3 Measure Your Hips In Two Positions To Adjust

 This one is trickier. It consists of measuring your hips both when standing and sitting. You ask how so ? Well, here the hips take on a different shape when sitting but a word of caution. This can really unnecessarily increase size too large. So the key to success here is measure your hips standing then sitting and if the measurement is greater than 5 cm sitting, then add 1 cm to the hip size standing. Generally plus size bathing suits and swimwear enjoy elasticity that allows for hips measurement in the standard way.

Accurately measure your Plus Size Body for Any Women's Apparel 

Conclusion: take the time to measure your body right using the 3 tips above and we found that most women never need to return a dress for incorrect fittings.

Have you used our techniques listed here ? Let us know how it worked for you by commenting below.

An important note is to confirm the measuring system used in your local country equates to the size chart you recognize. European, North American and Far East measurements can be drastically different. So take a moment to reference a chart that carries all plus size body measurements as shown here.

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  • Fabulous tips. They work perfectly !

    • Matilda