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Plus Size Cocktail Dress – Making A Legendary Entrance

So what exactly is a cocktail dress? My friends advise me that a cocktail dress is a dress that wears up to your knees rather than being full length.


plus size cocktail dress

So what exactly is a cocktail dress? My friends tell me that a cocktail dress I one that ends around your knees as opposed to being full length. But does it count if it hits mid calf? I have always been confused on this. My sister calls anything around your calf tea length but I think she made this up a long time...

How To Buy a Plus Size Dress That Fits 95% Of The Time (Surprising Suggestions!)

Buy Plus Size Clothing That Fits 95% of the Time !

I think you'll agree with me when I say 

It's really HARD to buy a plus size dress online that fits me right

Or is it ?

Measurements for Plus Size Women ClothingWell it turns out you can dramatically increase your chances of buying a plus size dress that fits you perfectly by taking one simple step before you buy. 

While there are resources that help you choose size such as wikipedia bra size it falls...